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(First published in German in "Blätter für angewandte okkulte Lebenskunst", January 1958 issue.)

The following remarks are especially written for the Fratres of the lodge who intend to attain a higher degree in the lodge. It must be clear to them that a clearly defined spiritually attitude is required to which he must make up his mind without hesitation. Although according to the Law of the New Aeon: Do what thou wilt! - which also means, think and believe what thou wilt - nobody can be forced to obey these directives absolutely; but higher wisdom can only be acquired if one frees himself from the ballast of his previous religious believes which mostly are based only on suggestive traditions and can't withstand proper criticism.

For the neophyte of the lodge, these instructions should only point the way for the time being. Any spiritual maturing takes its time.

The path which the esoterist, who serves the Demiurge Saturnus, has to walk, is without question a high path of realization, which is not easy to walk. It leads to very high peaks in the human capacity of realization to an almost total solitariness of his thinking, but it also frees him, and makes him immune to the many inhibitory suggestions which flood through the world. The acquisition of such peak attainments makes the spiritual human being no doubt very lonesome, but he will be very happy in his self chosen aloneness because in a spiritual sense he doesn't need the indifferent humanity any more.

His previous education, his occult studies and his systematic development of his personality on a foundation of energetics, because of the observed principle of merciless love, made him at any rate, walk paths which were not in the valleys but away from the wide trodden roads. He became hard with himself, a lonesome human being, who decisively walks his path. The higher he climbs all the more his foot becomes confident and the depths of the abyss don't frighten him anymore. He wears the robe of a priest of Saturn and he shrouds himself in silence towards the compact majority of the ignorant masses. The strong chain of brotherhood to which he belongs to is sufficient for him. Saturnian seriousness and the acquired ability of concentration, capability of critical observation and an acquired Uranian ability of intuition will make it possible for him to solve the problems which he encounters, and to solve them in his favour. More and more he will free himself from the restraining bonds that hinder his further spiritual progression.

The usual teachings of church and religion don't mean anything to him anymore. For him there is no personal god, nor the doctrine of Christianity. Also, toward other religious teachings, like Buddhism and others, he became absolutely immune. His conception of god, based on a purely cosmosophic and cosmogonic world-view is sufficient for him.
The god-head as absolutum or zero-point energy, no matter what it is called, is for him an unattainable goal according to the present state of human evolution. His spiritual target-seeking is within our own solar-system and he is absolutely conscious of the limits of his evolution that are given to him thereby. Speculative fantasies he strictly rejects and he tries, even when solving most complicated problematic questions to remain on the ground of reality and to stay with a common sense an intellectual penetration of the problems. The higher levels and spheres he will reach by his higher polarized magical practices or through his meditative contemplations. - Any of the paths that he has to walk is feasible; each sphere is open to him, if his inmost will dominates. Within him lies the decicion, but also the responsibility of his own actions. He does not obey any suggestions or any requested distractions. He then becomes a master of the upper and the lower light. He compels the demons of the depths; and the angels of the mental sphere must serve him. - If then his development has progressed thus far, then he faces with a clear and fearless look the Guardian of the Threshold, and Saturn will open the dark door for his servant. Thus a spiritual human being, developed like this, will always consider himself a citizen of the world and knows no borders between peoples, race, and nations. The usual laws of morals and ethics exist for him only if he has to obey them by reason of prudence. As a trained magus he knows how to dissolve and to bind. Because of his realization and his training he will always do the right thing that serves him well. There is such a thing as holy egoism and an individual-anarchistic base is capable to form and create a lot of new things without destroying anything. The concept of loyalty to the brotherhood is immutable to him because he knows he has mortgaged his karma. He doesn't fear the abyss anymore. He works one-pointedly towards his next incarnation to again work for the constantly progressing evolution of mankind. Therefore he serves the earth-spirit voluntarily and he works in this sense. Saturnian magic will give him the connecting lines, because he knows Earth and Moon are servants of Saturn.

This way he walks his lonesome path through the incarnations on this planet. He is happy with himself, but he feels deep joy in spiritual work and he will always work in the sense of a brotherhood of spiritual humanity. Real love and real friendship are of absolute value for him because he knows how rare they are. He will always try to adapt to the laws of harmony and he tries to develop those within himself in a higher octave, because he knows about the cosmic connection of his own ego.

Such a setting of goals and a developing of his humanity is all in the spirit of the ascending New Aeon in the Uranian-Saturnian light.

To be mature is everything! And it is a wonderful thing to be alone in freedom.

The practical application of such a spiritual crystallisation is so manifold and subjected to individual maturity and formation so we can hardly deal with it in details here. Each ego must walk his own path up to its end. But which path the human being chooses, how his masters his fate, that is up to his own discretion as far as the karmic laws allow it.

Esoteric's talks about a mystical secret of the Sun and it sounds surprising at first when our lodge in its higher degrees, as an ultimate goal celebrates a Solar-Cult. Not only astrophysics teach that the inmost kernel of the Sun is lead in a higher aggregate state, but in initiated circles they talk about the twelve inner spheres of the sun or the twelve circles of realization of the Sun demiurge. In the third circle of the Sun, Saturn dominates. Therein lays the origin of the cosmic birth in which, during a powerful explosion he was thrown out together with the rest of the planetary chain. - This is the secret! He who serves Saturn practises a spiritual Solar-Cult and promotes the return of the Lost Son in the mystical sense.- Therefore our ritual says: "Saturn, you the Secret Brother of the Sun; You the veiled secret!"

This is why we recognize the universal sovereignty of the demiurge of Saturn because behind the Guardian of the Threshold stands salvation.

One could say a lot about this secret knowledge, but it can not be profaned. It remains the knowledge of the initiated lodges. - The ignorance of the usual occult and astrological circles is frightening. They denote Saturn as Satan and they don't realize what kind of spiritual evidence of incapacity they issue to themselves. Knowledge and realization know no limits, but stupidity sets its own borders!

It can be assumed and it is probable, that during the future history of mankind in the coming millenniums a new religion for humanity will develop completely in the spirit of the Age of Aquarius. Humans in general need a religious impulse, they need a faith so that the demonic instincts, which slumber in almost any human being, can be kept in check. Of course this doesn't apply to the spiritual upper class. Master Therion already said: "Three quarters of humanity is only manure for the spiritual dominating class."
The Uranian impulse will bring about new religious dogmas, which will very likely bring a new Solar-Cult, in completely new forms close to nature and with cosmic connections, on the foundation of universal knowledge. The exploration of space has already begun even though the influence of the New Aeon has only begun to work recently. The cult of the corpse of Jesus on the cross can not withstand the new Uranian influxus. It will fade away as many other religions have faded away as we can learn from the history of humanity. We have to get used to think in almost time-less terms in these hypothetical contemplations. Millenniums don't mean much in this comic based evolution, especially not in one human life span. Whole nations and their religions and cults have completely disappeared or belong to the remote antiquity, because the history of humanity and culture reaches much more into the past than science assumes and can prove so far. Huge continents have sunk with their cultures and religions, like Atlantis and Lemuria.
The great yearning of humanity for the divine, the incomprehensible, has always existed and produced many forms and expressions because they were not able to understand and comprehend the absolute. So the concept of god became personified and a world of the gods originated. But without the belief of the human beings the gods are only phantoms, because only their worship and visualisation form them. No doubt the star myths and star cults were the early base of all religions, which were still close to nature and it was reserved to Christianity, to bring the idea of personification to a centralised denominator of a personal and only god in today's religious form.
The serious study of comparative religious history of all peoples of the earth yields such amazing outlooks, but also insights into the inadequacy of all religious teachings.
The Sun-Cults of the Atlanteans, the Persians, the original Aryans in India, and the Nature-Cults of the primitive peoples were in their religious content, in their dogmas and cults, much more valuable and anchored to the cosmos than today's modern religions. Therefore we must find the way back, to the adoration of the Great Sun-Demiurge who is both Father and Mother for humanity.

Thereto, Saturn the Great Secret of the Sun assists us.

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